What is Western Fraternal Life Association?

WFLA is Member-Focused

Western Fraternal Life Association is a not-for-profit life insurance company that uses its profits to give back to our members in order to better the communities in which they live.

We are a  member-governed organization. By becoming a member, you become a voice that helps make the best decisions for our company and the people we serve- YOU! By getting a certificate with us, you don’t just get life insurance coverage, an annuity or any other benefit that we offer, you get a voice. And your opinion matters to us, because YOU matter to us.

WFLA is Community-Based

WFLA is a part of the 501(c)(8) tax code called “Fraternal Benefit Societies.” By definition, wfla is designed to give profits back to their members. Our mission is to bring together our members within a community, then let them decide on the volunteer activities and charitable donations they provide to local organizations in need.

Together, the members have opportunities to:

  • Do meaningful service in your community
  • Have social activities like game nights, dinners, anniversary celebrations, picnics etc.
  •  Develop leadership skills in lodge roles
  • Meet like-minded people who are interested in giving back

Our members have been giving their time, talents, and resources for over 115 years, and we show no sign of stopping!

WFLA is Financially Sound

So what is better than having a voice in your organization and knowing that your life insurance company cares about you and your community?

How about our reliable and financially sound business?

For years, Western Fraternal Life Association has been exceeding expectations and maintaining profitability, even during tough times. Over our 115 year history, wfla has been stable through depressions and recessions; to not just survive, but THRIVE.

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