Paying it Forward with Random Acts of Kindness

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”– Princess Diana

To celebrate the spirit of giving this time of year, the blog committee decided to highlight a YELL! group event that took place early this fall. If you would like more information at starting a YELL! (Young Engaged Lodge Leaders!) group go to our youth page or email Kelsey at

In August, YELL! group 225 in Bannister, MI created a contest to encourage individuals to do Random Act of Kindness and “Pay It Forward”. What does it mean to pay it forward? Paying It Forward means to do an act of kindness with no strings attached. The point is to encourage others to do a random act as well.

The YELL! group wanted to do an activity that could be open to the public, while still connecting it to their core purpose of service. To expand the reach, the contest was held all online. The rules were simple: do five acts of “Paying It Forward,” then take a picture (for proof) and upload them to facebook. The only stipulations were that the participant must have five pictures and the pictures must be dated. To entice more people to give, the group decided to give a Kindle Fire to a randomly drawn contest participant.

Within six weeks, the contest yielded 60 acts of kindness that included bringing a pet to a nursing home, paying for a stranger’s parking meter, and buying flowers for a grandmother. The first year of this event was a success. The YELL! group hopes to be able to promote this wider next year. To learn more about YELL! group 225, visit their facebook page at

While the contest is over this year, it’s never too late to do random acts of kindness! Random Acts of Kindness is a website that gives all kinds of ideas you can do to spread cheer

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