Spreading the Cheer!

Every year, the Fraternal Herald becomes packed with the unique volunteer activities of our members. This is especially true after the holidays, when the holiday stories come in. Many of the activities have become traditions for our members while some are first time events. This year we wanted to highlight one unique activity from each district that has done during the Christmas Season.


Mark and Mike on trumpet assisted by Natalie Stejskal

1. Lodge 67 Yukon, OK
Many lodges do a Christmas party, but this lodge stepped it up by creating a Christmas party program. It featured lodge members displaying their talents and skills for the partygoers.

 2. Lodge 330 Brookfield, IL
This lodge pulled double duty for their holiday activity. First, members collected Christmas cards from elementary school kids then distributed the cards to residents at a nursing home. The members then stayed to visit with the residents.

3. 56 Lynch, NE
The town became a little merrier after members from Lynch stopped by! Members decorated a gazebo with red and green big candy canes, cedar boughs, and red bows to spread some Christmas cheer.

4. Lodge 346 Willow River, MN
This lodge showed its creative side last holiday season. Lodge members made lap robes for Pine City Care Center and gave fruit baskets to area seniors, to make the holidays brighter for those in need.


Members wrap presents for needy children

5. Lodge 500 Cedar Rapids, IA
For many years, Lodge members at lodge 500 have helped wrap presents for Homeless Children’s fund by collaborating with HACAP (a non-profit that focuses on reducing poverty in a six county area).

 6. 365 Kewaunee, WI
Members decorated a Christmas tree in a holiday parade of lights in memory of wfla member Lance Corporal Dean Opicka, killed in Iraq. WFLA respects and honors every service member past, present, and future.

7. 181 Seattle, WA
The members of Seattle lodge 181 gave back to the arts community in their area last year. Members provided assistance at all four Nutcracker Ballet performances. The group helped with concession sales and ushering.

Each of these unique examples shows the diversity of the activities that can be done to spread cheer. What is your favorite voluntary holiday activity?

Member Service Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, wfla’s Member Service Department answers numerous questions from members about Life Insurance and Annuity certificates. While some of the questions faqwarrant a phone call, others can be answered simply by referencing the FAQ link on our website at www.wflains.org.

Below are the top 5 questions asked to Member Service Representatives:

 Q: How do I change my address?
A: To update your address you can complete a Certificate Service Request form, mail us a letter with your updated information, or complete the address change form that comes with your premium notice.

Q: Did you receive my payment?
A: You can view your Paid To date by accessing your account from the wfla website. Do this by logging in from the Member Access link. You can also check your bank statement.

Q: What is the current interest rate on my Annuity?
A: You can view your current interest rate by accessing your account from the wfla website.  Do this by logging in from the Member Access link.

 Q: Why did I receive an Annuity Reminder Notice?
A: Annuity Reminder Notices are mailed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the billing mode listed on your annuity.  This notice is just a reminder that you can put additional money into your annuity and is an optional payment.

The Minimum Payment is the smallest amount that can be paid in at any one time.  The Elected Payment is the amount you chose to pay regularly at the time of original application.  The Additional Payment is any amount over the elected payment that you wish to add to your annuity.

Q: What happens if I surrender my certificate?
A: When you cancel the certificate and its coverage and benefits, the surrender value (for those contracts that have value) will be paid to the owner.  There are many effects of a complete surrender. These include:

  • Loss of Western Fraternal Life Association membership
  • Loss of Fraternal Benefits
  • Loss of insurance coverage
  • Replacement with new insurance may cause new contestable and suicide periods to start
  • Possible tax consequences
  • Surrender charges, if applicable to the contract

We strongly recommend you review your life or annuity certificate for more detailed information.

To see even more frequently asked questions and answers, visit www.wflains.org and click on the FAQ link. And as always, wfla’s Member Service Representatives are happy to assist you. Feel free to call us toll free at 877-935-2467 with questions.