Lodge No. 38, MN

It’s that time of year again to partner with youth and determine a project for JOIN HANDS DAY (JHD), scheduled for May 4, 2013. JOIN HANDS DAY gives wfla members and volunteer organizations the opportunity to reach out to people they don’t know, to connect generations, and to develop new relationships. JHD is the only day on the national Seasons of Service calendar that targets and develops youth/adult relationships through neighborhood volunteering.
The many reasons to participate…

  • You’ll help to improve your community.
  • You’ll motivate both youth and adults to become more active in your lodge.
  • You’ll increase teamwork, morale, and trust among your participants  and boost retention.
  • You’ll build relationships with other organizations and/or businesses.
  • Volunteers will join you to work on specific causes of mutual interest or concern.
  • Members of your community will learn about your society/organization and its good work.
  • You’ll garner positive media attention for your lodge and the Association.
  • Benefit for youth—learning the value of volunteering and personally making a difference in their own communities.
  • It’s fun and rewarding!

Lodge No. 426, NE

If you want to know how to start a project, the JHD has a guide to assist you in organizing and planning a project from beginning to end.

Easter Crafts

Easter’s almost here! Busy little hands love cutting, gluing and getting messy with Easter kids crafts. We have found the best, prettiest, most adorable crafts to do with your kids. Keep reading to see our favorites!

shaving eggShaving Cream Painted Easter Egg Cards
You will need:
A tray of some sorts
Shaving cream
Cardstock or construction paper
Acrylic paints
A toothpick, paintbrush, or spoon (something to swirl the paint)

  1. Squirt enough shaving cream on the tray to cover the surface.  Spread it around to make the surface relatively even, it won’t be smooth.
  2. Once you have your shaving cream on the tray, squirt some acrylic paint onto it.
  3. Then using a toothpick, paintbrush, spoon, or something similar, zigzag gently though the paint to give it a marbled effect.
  4. Using cardstock, cut out egg shapes to paint. You can try a few pieces of construction paper that worked just fine too.
  5. Press your paper into the paint/shaving cream and let it sit for a few seconds.
  6. Remove the paper by lifting it straight up.  Let the paint/shaving cream sit on the paper for a couple of minutes before squeegeeing it off the paper.
  7. Gently and smoothly squeegee the shaving cream off the paper.  It will remove the shaving cream, but not the paint.

tissue eggStained Glass Easter Eggs
Construction paper
Clear Contact Paper (find at Walmart)
Glue or glue stick
Hole punch
Suction cup hanger
Colored tissue torn into approx. 1″ pieces

  1. Cut out an egg shape from the center of a piece of construction paper. Repeat, using the first sheet as a guide so the sheets are identical.
  2. Cut out a piece of clear contact paper about an inch larger than the egg shape and attach it to one of the pieces of construction paper making a “window”.
  3. Have an assortment of torn tissue paper ready to use in various colors.
  4. Attach pieces of tissue paper to the sticky side of the “window” of the egg shape until it’s fully covered.
  5. Using glue or a glue stick, glue down construction paper #2 to construction paper #1, lining up the eggs to match exactly. Be sure to glue right up to the edge of the egg shape. Allow to dry if using glue.
  6. Cut another piece of contact paper a little larger than the egg shape and carefully press it down on top of the tissue covered egg to seal everything.
  7. Trim around egg leaving about 1/2 inch of the construction paper for a border.
  8. Punch a hole at the top of the egg and hang in a window.

eggsTissue Paper Mache Easter Egg Sculptures
Torn tissue paper
Glue mixed with water (2 parts glue to one part water)

Start by:

  1. Tearing the tissue paper.
  2. Set the balloon in an old container while working on it so it won’t roll around.  For the water balloon, such as a small plastic cup.  Use two parts glue to one part water for the mixture to put the tissue paper on the balloons.
  3. Make sure to get off the excess glue mixture before applying it on the balloon.
  4. Do a layer, let dry, and repeat this process for at least 2-3 layers.  When they are dry, you can pop the balloon. They may be a little flimsy in some areas.

(the last craft was tested at the wfla home office and turned out really well!)