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This entry is a reproduction of a Kelsey’s Korner article that was first published in the June 2013 Fraternal Herald.

Here is something interesting to think about: wfla’s long history (116 years and counting!) means that right now is not the first time we have run into generational differences. This is a quote from one of our Presidents, “We need to make greater progress in reviving all lodge activities so that greater numbers of members will attend our meetings where in a friendly atmosphere they may enjoy proper social contact with their fellowmen.” What decade do you think that sentence was written? If you said 1950, you would be correct. President John Rompotl said this in his annual address to the members in the Fraternal Herald in January 1956.

It is clear that getting new members and maintaining the lodge system is something wfla has always strived to do, even 60 years ago. The dedication of our members and agents is what has made this organization survive and thrive for so many years. Because of our members, we have survived! Those who are in leadership positions now, many in their 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s, were young in the 1950’s when the article was written. Something drove those members to come to the meetings. It was the commonality, the bonds of community and the fraternalism we have always provided. Today, we can offer the same thing, but we need to package it differently to appeal to different generations. Looking to offer family fun, community involvement, and leadership opportunities are the same values as before, but using words the younger generations ‘get.’ If you need more ideas about how to get young members involved, contact Kelsey Logan at

WFLA Sponsors Despicable Me

By Kelsey Clapp

What is the FREE Kid’s Movie Summer? For ten years, Collin’s Road Theatre has participated in a national program

Out of 575 entries, Hannah, 6, won the bike giveaway.

Out of 575 entries, Hannah, 6, won the bike giveaway.

that offers quality movies to kids for the summer. Admission to the movie is just as it states in the title – FREE to kids, and adults only pay $1. Monday through Thursday, June 3rd to August 22nd, the Collins Road Theatre in Marion, Iowa offers a different kid’s movie weekly, some of which can be viewed in 3D. WFLA sponsored a week of this event during the showing of Despicable Me.

The week we sponsored, over 3,100 people walked through the doors of the theater. Many groups including daycare and summer school classes took the time to come and watch the movie. As Bruce (the owner) stated numerous times to the crowd, “there will be no personal space here today,” and boy was he right. I had the privilege of sitting in to watch the movie one day, and words cannot express the excitement these children show during the movie. The sound of children’s laughter started the moment Bruce, Sparkles the Clown, Officer Tom and Kelsey Logan (representing wfla) walked into the auditorium. It did not stop until the entire theater and lobby were cleared.

Bruce did a great job of warming up the crowd by asking the kids questions for them to shout their answers. He introduced Sparkles the Clown, Officer Tom, and Kelsey Logan to each auditorium. Each day, Bruce gave away many different prizes to the children. Of those, wfla supplied two prizes each day, which included a piggy bank, t-shirt, and a gift certificate to Dairy Queen.

"The Kelseys" hanging out with Sparkles the Clown

“The Kelseys” hanging out with Sparkles the Clown

At our wfla table, we offered information to meet the different needs of the guests. We had temporary tattoos, pens, brochures, and Child Identification Kits. At our table, each child was able to put their name in a drawing for a bike, and many of the kids were extremely excited for the opportunity. In the four days we brought in 575 bike registrations, but in the end there could only be one winner. Her name was Hannah, 6 years old. While picking up the bike at the wfla Home Office, Hannah stated “I am so excited!”

All in all, FREE Kids Movie Summer was a fun time and a huge success. We want to thank Collins Road Theatre for putting this event on and letting us be part of it.