May Day

In some parts of the United States, people make May baskets to celebrate the first day of May. These are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver; if caught, a kiss is exchanged. Below are some cute basket ideas for your May Day treats.
Flower Power Candy Cups

plastic flower cupUse brightly colored store-bought cups and scrapbook papers to create these cheerful candy cups.
From the magazine, Creative Kids


1. Lay a colorful store-bought cup top-side down on pretty paper and trace its outline. Remove, and draw petals radiating from the circle.
2. Using scissors, cut triangle shapes from the center of the circle to the rim (trim the bottoms of the triangles if they’re too long).
3. Slide the cup inside the flower and fill with treats. Garnish with a leaf made from paper.

Door Hanging Baskets

lady bug

You’ll Need:
Construction Paper
To make the cone shaped basket you will need to cut a 9.5×11 sheet of paper into a half circle shape. Depending on the insect you choose to make you might need to use two colors.

Once you’ve made your half circle shape you will just “roll” the paper into a cone shape and staple, tape, or glue it into place.
Then you will need to trace a circle for the head (I used a one cup measuring cup). Draw some wings, antenna, eyes, etc. We used glue stick to attach the head, antenna, and eyes. I stapled the wings to the back of each of the cones just to make sure they would stay! We drew the spots and faces on with markers, but you could use googley eyes and stickers too if you wanted. I cut a one inch thick/11 inch long piece of paper for the handle of the basket. Add treats and gifts and TADA!

Easy Six Step Basket

paper plate twoFill with cookies, candy, or flowers. Use your imagination and decorate the outside with ribbons, paint, markers, or stickers.

Peep Peep: Creative ways to use Peeps this Easter!

By: Peggy Moore

Kids, young and old, LOVE Peeps! Peeps come in many different colors and even a few different shapes, and will make your Easter foods more colorful this year. Read on for creative ways to use Peeps this Easter.

Peeps S’Mores

Peeps-SMoresFor this easy snack, you’ll need Peeps, Hershey’s Candy Bars, and Graham Crackers. Layer ½ a graham cracker with a few bars of chocolate and a Peep on a microwave safe plate – microwave for about 15 seconds, remove plate from the microwave and add the other ½ of the graham cracker on top. Enjoy!

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Peep Fruit Kabobs


For this colorful snack, you’ll need Peeps, fresh fruit (such as grapes, watermelon, and pineapple), and wooden skewer sticks. Poke the fruit and Peeps onto your skewer sticks in any pattern. Display on a plate. Serve with fruit dip if desired. Enjoy!

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Peeps-Cupcakes-Recipe1Peep Cupcakes

For this delicious dessert, you’ll need to bake some cupcakes. Using a white box cake mix is the easiest way to go. White cupcake liners will make the best background for these cute desserts.

After your cupcakes have been baked and cooled, you’ll need vanilla frosting, green food coloring, a pastry bag, and a Wilton Grass Tip. Mix a few drops of green food coloring into the vanilla frosting. Keep adding a few drops until you get the desired color. Then insert your frosting into your pastry bag (with grass tip already attached) and start frosting!

After you’ve frosted your cupcakes, gently separate your peeps so they are each a single peep. Then poke each one with a toothpick (as pictured below).

Easter-CupcakesThe last step is to stick the peep-on-a-toothpick into the cupcake and you’re done!


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Peeps- Dirt Cups!

Peeps-In-the-Dirt-Pudding-Cups-with-OREO-Dirt_-Quick-and-Easy-Easter-Dessert-Peeps-Easter-Pudding-Oreos--678x1024For this kid pleasing snack, you’ll need chocolate pudding cups, Oreos, Peeps, orange Starbursts, and green Rips candy.
The first step is to form your “candy carrots”. Soften your Starbursts by microwaving them for a few seconds. Be very carefully – don’t over soften them! The Starbursts will be easy to mold into the desired shape after warmed up. Then cut your Starbursts in half. Flatten the top of one end and shape the other end into a point. On the flattened end, add a few pieces of the Rips candy and then squish the Starburst around the candy. Roll on the table to get a smoother surface (as pictured).


Carrot-Cupcakes-perfect-for-Easter-or-Spring-parties-Easter-Cupcakes-Carrots-Cupcakes-easter-1Crush up one Oreo per pudding cup. Then open your pudding cups and put it all together: one Peep in the middle of each cup, sprinkle the crushed Oreos around the Peep, add the candy carrots, and Voila! Enjoy!

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