DIY Grad Party Ideas!

By: Darcy Kelley

key to successAfter the senior pictures are taken, the last final is finished, and your name is finally called for you to cross the stage, only then are you officially graduated. Now it’s time to celebrate with your family and friends! Graduation parties have come a long way since I graduated in 1990 when I celebrated under the carport at my house. Today, grad parties have a more personal flare and there are oodles of unique and fun ideas to make it a memorable day.

A recent grad party I attended had a cool idea to attach keys to white tags for attendees to share their “Keys to Success” for the young graduate. After the hoopla of parties die down and the recent grad gets a moment to relax, they can reflect on the wisdom shared by family and friends. This is a great keepsake for the grad to have and revisit whenever they need encouragement.

class ringsNo matter what your age, candy is always a big hit at parties. Whether your child is graduating from kindergarten or college, a bowl full of ring pops is a clever way to decorate a table. Just fill a big glass bowl and label it “Class Rings.” I wouldn’t be surprised if you caught an adult or two dipping into this candy dish!

Photo booths are a popular way to entertain at parties and create wonderful memories as well. You don’t have to break the bank to rent a photo booth, simply build your own. You can create a wall full of streamers as your back drop and provide a basket full of fun props to use in the photos. Designate a photographer (doesn’t have to be a professional) and let the games begin. Find more ideas for backdrops on Pinterest.

photo opsSpeaking of pictures, you’ll want plenty of photos to honor the special graduate at the party. Long gone are the days of just sticking photos onto a poster board. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, mom)! Now parents are getting their creativity on by dangling photos from balloons or making cupcake toppers with the grads face. Actually, you can stick the grads face pretty much anywhere if you’re creative enough. Just have the photos printed on contact paper, cut out the image, and start sticking.

Hopefully these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing. Take mental notes of ideas you like when you attend other grad parties or browse Pinterest for inspiration. It doesn’t matter where the idea comes from, celebrating your graduate comes from the heart and that will show no matter what you choose.

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