Vision 10 and Vision 20

Western Fraternal Life is excited to announce the launch of a new product, the Vision 10 and Vision 20. This product provides a combination of paid-up whole life coverage with a life-long death benefit. There is also term insurance with higher face amounts and level premiums for the time you need the most coverage.

This product is for:

– The security of protection with guaranteed cash value and a guaranteed death benefit.
– To take advantage of the tax-deferred growth of cash values in order to build funds for a college education.
– Guaranteed premiums that will not increase.
– Coverage for their entire lifetime.
– To earn dividends* as declared by the company.
– To have their insurance paid off by a set time; for example, when they retire.

An example:

A 50-year-old man, is 10 years into a 20 year $200,000 mortgage. He passes away leaving a wife and two children. Now they missed continue payments on the mortgage, and fund the funeral. How can this be done with the loss of a second income?
With our Vision 20 product containing $20,000 Whole Life and $200,000 Term coverage at the age of 40 when the mortgage began. His family would get $20,000 for the burial, and $200,000 to pay off the mortgage, and other financial obligations. (assuming all premiums are paid when due)
Our vision products also offer addition benefits including, the Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) and The Waiver of Premium (WP). The ADB provides for the payment of an accelerated death benefit using a portion of your life insurance benefits. These benefits are paid to the owner while the insured is living, provided they qualify. This benefit is offered at no additional charge. The WP covers you if you become totally disabled. We will waive your premium payments for as long as your disability continues (during contract period). The low cost of this benefit makes sure that your coverage will continue in the event of your disability.
Our Vision 10 and Vision 20 are designed to give you the opportunity to look after your financial obligations today while covering your family in the future. All of this with low monthly premium payments for only 10 or 20-years.

*Dividends are not guaranteed. Past dividend paying history is not an estimate of future results.

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