DIY Olaf costume

olaf“Frozen” is still a hot movie, especially the characters Elsa and Anna. Little girls are entranced by them and want to BE them, especially for Halloween. But what about the little boys? Or maybe the little girls who are not crazy about being a princess? Non-princess characters are limited to choose from and store bought costumes don’t always come in the best quality for the price you end up paying. So here is a fantastic tutorial on how to make a DIY Olaf the snowman costume for your child!
(costume idea from:

-plush white robe (you can find these for cheap at consignment stores or thrift stores)
-scrap black fabric/felt for buttons
-long sturdy twigs for arms

Step 1- sew small hem on bottom of robe and add elastic. This size of the hem will vary depending on your child’s height. It is best to have them wear the robe while you pin the hem.

Step 2- sew closed the front of the robe (leave enough room in the neck to get it off & on).
The front of the robe will actually end up becoming the back.
*the belt from the robe is perfect for dividing the snowman- just tie tightly in the back

Step 3- sew on fabric buttons

Step 4- cut the sleeves off of the robe, then gather and cinch the hole together with elastic. Your child will be able to hold the stick arms from inside the robe with them poking out of these holes, but will also be able to push their own arms out if needed.
– white crochet/knit beanie (these can be found for rather cheap at Wal-Mart and similar stores.)
-orange fabric felt for nose
-black felt fabric for eyes & eyebrows
-twigs for hair
-white felt fabric for teeth
-cotton fiber fill

Step 1- cut triangle (long carrot size) of orange fabric, sew long edges together (inside out) but leave short end unsewn, turn right side, stuff with filler, & sew on to beanie using the unsewn short edge.

Step 2- cut & sew on eyes & eyebrows

Step 3- attach twigs by poking through the hat then securing them on the inside with hot glue, sewing, or duct tape. Then use some spare felt to cover the ends so they do not hurt the child’s head.

Step 4 – Draw and cut out teeth, then sew them onto the front bottom edge of the hat (below the carrot).

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