An Agent You Should Know: Randy Kolarik


By Kelsey Clapp

Randy Kolarik began with Western Fraternal Life Association in July 1989, following in his father, Rudy Kolarik’s, footsteps. Randy attended the University of Wisconsin in River Falls and graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science with minors in Agri-Business and Farm Management. He and his wife Jodi have three children, Nick, Elizabeth, and Celia.

Randy was brought to wfla by former agency manager Dean Estling. What drew him to this company was what it offered as a whole. “It is a small company, but it is great not only being able to offer the insurance security, but also having the community service aspect. It is the ideal situation.” He loves the Single Premium Whole Life product that wfla has to offer because you are able to cover any age with it, and you know it will stay with the company because the premium has already been paid. Randy considers wfla’s scholarship program his favorite member benefit because it helps our members increase their knowledge. “You never know when that knowledge we are giving them could come back and help wfla in the future,” Randy noted.

Outside of his insurance business, Randy is active in Boy Scouts, church activities, and many different committees. Randy enjoys golfing, along with woodworking, and furniture refinishing. He likes to reclaim things from what he would consider the dump. Randy is a member of Lodge 108 and is the head cook for the lodge ‘booyah’ party that takes place annually. He actively participates in fraternal activities as a speaker at Lodge, District, and State Meetings.

In May, Randy will become the President of the National Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors. He will hold this position from May 2014- May 2015. His duties will include speaking at state chapter meetings, dealing with the issues that arise, and taking care of the books. Randy will need to be there to serve the FIC members, and he will head the NAFIC National Conventions. The Home Office would like to congratulate Randy on this wonderful achievement in his career.

Randy has been awarded many different awards from wfla. He has been named Agent of the Year three times: 1997, 2007 and 2011. Randy was also named to the Century Club, Golden Quill, and has been part of the President’s Cabinet several times. He is consistently one of wfla’s leading agents and serves many members throughout the state of Wisconsin. He has also served as the President of the Wisconsin Fraternal Insurance Counselors.

Randy has attended many of wfla’s agent incentive trips, but a few really stick out in his mind. “In Puerto Vallarta many years ago, we were the only boat out on the water. We could see three hump back whales; they were so close that we actually got sprayed by one of them. We think he was putting on a show for us. Two of them swam under our boat, and the eye on the mom was as big as a steering wheel. If they had flipped their tail, we would have been shipped wrecked,” Randy recalls.

Randy would like to leave everyone out there with a bit of advice, “If you are looking for a career opportunity this is a good place to be. WFLA is a small company that offers strong financial as well as communities service opportunities. You are able to talk directly to the president of the company, and you get to know the people behind the scenes. It is the perfect opportunity.”

WFLA is thankful to have Randy Kolarik as a part of our team and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Finding the Void and Filling It

Mary Bradley, Director of District 5, has been blogging her thoughts about the wfla and the fraternal system. Read one of her first entries, “Finding the void and filling it,” below. What are your thoughts on how we fill the void?

A few things have caught my attention in the last couple weeks that reminded me of the reasons why community organizations exist–to fill a void. On my typical drive home from work last week, I noticed an older church with three sand volleyball courts and about 50+ out there enjoying the night. Their strategy was clear and simple, provide recreation and an attraction for young families and they will come.

It may not be a large void in your community so don’t think that looking for the void and trying to fill it will be unreachable, it may just require a little research and creativity. They provided an environment, invited people and my guess is that they gained substantial membership from this one summer activity. I am sure the next seasons events are well known to all those people as well.

It’s interesting to see new churches pop up all over the place. They are in non-traditional type buildings and are targeting young families. They use billboards with modern teenagers on them, advertise at the movie theater while people are waiting for their movie to start and have activities available that every member of a young family will enjoy. The key is to have a suitable environment prepped and ready for when those people come, it cannot be an after thought. They are not filling the void of religion necessarily but the sense of community with a welcoming environment.

Interesting enough, I have a friend who is agnostic but he never minded going to church. Why? Because it provided a sense of community. There were activities for the children, groups for adults and a sense that his family belonged to something bigger than their nucleus family. I asked him if a fraternal organization could fill the same need for his family and he agreed that it would as long as it had something to offer his family.

Fraternals could learn something from these new churches popping up all over the place and the revived long standing churches. They are providing something for the community and it isn’t breath taking, just a place and chance for for young individuals and families to be part of a community.

Are you providing this for young people and families in your community?

Mary’s Blog: