Decorating a Table on a Budget for the Holidays

For me, the holidays mean spending time with family at my parent’s house, making memories, taking pictures, eating special meals and giving gifts.  I like getting a good bargain on the gifts and typically search print ads, online sales, and in store for the best deals possible.  Who doesn’t want to stretch their dollar around the holidays?

Decorating my dining room table for a holiday get-together was not on my list this year, or in my budget, however, when the opportunity presented itself to host a holiday party for 4, I couldn’t say no!  Hosting a party also meant decorating my home accordingly, so I had some work ahead of me.

I started with some research.  The Black Friday ads were mostly toys and gadgets.  I was looking for decorative items so the ads after Thanksgiving were not the most helpful.  Searching in-store ended up being the most lucrative.  By waiting until after December 1st to purchase table décor, I ended up saving 60% at one store and got other necessary items at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 per item.  The key to decorating on a budget is to be thrifty and to keep looking!  If you see something you like but it isn’t in your budge, shop around.  You can also look for coupons online or figure out how to replicate that idea on your own budget.  Sometimes it takes a little imagination to stay on budget!

For my project I started with two things: a color scheme and a budget of $20.00.  By establishing my color scheme (red and gold) before I went shopping, it helped eliminate the decorative items that did not fit my theme and kept me on task.  I chose this theme because I already have lots of red and gold in my house, so remember, use what you already have instead of starting brand new.  This will help you save money and stay on budget!

I only had $20.00 to spend and here’s what I bought:

4 cloth napkins – $2.00 (2 pack/$1.00 per pack)
1 table runner – $1.00
4 charger plates – $4.00
1 container décor for centerpiece – $7.99
TOTAL = $14.99 (not including tax)

Other items needed for my table (already have):

4 plates
4 sets of silverware
4 wine glasses
Decorative bowl
Extra ornaments

After purchasing all the needed items and gathering the items I already had, it was time to decorate for the party.  Putting out the table runner, setting the table, and decorating the table really got me in the holiday spirit!

And what would decorating a table on a budget be without pictures!  I’ve showcased my work below:

clip_image002(close up of table setting)

pic 5(close up of centerpiece)

pic 6(close up of whole table)

For me the holidays are about enjoying the people around you and this holiday table will help me do just that!  I look forward to having my guests over this weekend and enjoying my holiday table on a budget.  Even though I didn’t spend a lot of money, my table is simple and elegant and exactly what I wanted!


Happy Holidays from my table to yours!