Getting Financially Fit

Piggy BankRecently, the news has been all about how young people, in Generations X and Millenials, are stymied by exponentially rising costs of students loans, coupled with tighter lending practices on mortgages and cars. It is difficult to think about planning for a family or retirement when each month students are paying a large percent of their paychecks to student loans. So how can we teach the next generation about how to become financially responsible?

How can we afford college? These 10 ways might seem obvious, but if a student follows each they are less likely to go into debt beyond what they can afford.

It’s true that student loans are hurting in the short term on a personal level, but it also extends to the rest of the economy. Check out this article to learn more.

While the article is called ‘5 signs you may be broke in 10 years’, it is really just good advice about what to do NOW so you can be financially successful.

This article looks beyond today and at the potential for investing in tomorrow.

This is an article that examines how we got to this point and what we can do to teach future kids how to live within their means.

And finally, an article about how to get past the tricky hang-ups of budgets.

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