Q and A about the upcoming convention

Western Fraternal Life building

Western Fraternal Life building

Q: What is the National Convention?
A: The National Convention is Western Fraternal Life’s legislative and governing body. Delegates are elected by members from each lodge. At the Convention, delegates elect the Board of Directors and the Association President. They also consider and vote on proposals for changes to the bylaws and donations from the Association.

Q: When is the National Convention Held?

A: The National Convention is held every four years. The next convention will be July 23-July 24, 2015 at the Mariott Hotel in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Q: Who can be a Delegate?
A: Any member 16 years or older in good standing both at the time of the election and at the time of service. Member delegates and alternates are elected by the lodge and should have attended at least four meetings per year and be active participants in the lodge.
Q: How are Delegates chosen?
A: Each lodge is entitled to one delegate and alternate for every one hundred (100) members, rounded to the nearest 100. (For example, a lodge with 231 delegates would get two delegates and two alternates. A lodge with 460 members would get five delegates and five alternates.) Any member in good standing is entitled to be voted on and elected. To encourage young members to become actively involved, each lodge will be granted one additional delegate if that additional delegate is age 40 or under at the time of election. Lodges vote for delegates and alternates between November 1 and April 1 in the twelve month period preceding the Convention. Results of the election must be received by the Association no later than April 15.
Q: What are the responsibilities of the delegates?
A: The main job is to understand the issues and to know who is running for election. Since you are representing the lodge, you need to find out how members feel about the issues and who the majority would vote for. Once at the convention, you should be present for all votes.
Q: If I am a delegate for my lodge, will I have to pay for travel, hotel, meals, and registration expenses?
A: The delegate will receive a set travel allowance and a set hotel allowance not to exceed three nights from the Association. Most meals will be provided during the Convention. Your lodge may vote to cover the cost of the difference for the hotel, meals, or travel expenses not covered. There will be a registration fee for each delegate that is either covered by the lodge or the member delegate. Please check with your lodge to find out if money has been or will be set aside for such expenses.
Q: Can guests be a part of the convention?
A: Yes, there is a special place where paid guests can register and watch the proceedings; however they are not allowed to address the floor or vote. Paid guests will be able to receive the same meal package as the group.
Q: Who should I contact with questions?
A: Contact the Association’s Administrative Assistant Sandi Seaver through our toll free telephone: (877) 935-2467 or e-mail at sseaver@wflains.org.

A New Year, A New Financial You Revisited

clip_image001By Peggy Moore

On January 4, 2013 I highlighted Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps from his book The Total Money Makeover.  At that time, my New Year’s resolution was to start a total money makeover by setting a budget, paying down my debt, and saving for my future.

It’s been 14 weeks since I wrote the article A New Year, A New Financial You.  While it hasn’t been an extensive amount of time to accomplish my goals, I’ve been able to save cash for my emergency fund, pay off two credit cards and am close to paying off my third credit card (within days). With a total of $2,000.00 paid toward debt and saved in my emergency fund, you may be wondering how I managed to do so much in just 14 short weeks.  It’s simple: I decided what was most important to me, set my goals, and am powering through!

I’ve had to make sacrifices to get where I am today.  I am now shopping at Goodwill more frequently than at the mall and borrowing books from the library instead of buying them.  I no longer shop on a whim, I shop with a list.  I also shop the grocery store ads and plan my meals around what’s on sale.  I spend cash when shopping: when the cash is gone, my shopping is done.  I still go out to eat with my friends once a week but choose smaller meal portions or a la carte items to keep the cost down.  I also used my tax refund toward my goals instead of spending it.  Everything that I can do to save money means paying off my debts faster and getting my emergency fund fully funded.

While all of those sacrifices have aided me in establishing my emergency fund and paying down my debt, the biggest change I’ve made has been working extra hours at my part time job.  By working a few extra hours each week, I’ve been rewarded with paying off some of my debts faster than I ever thought possible.

With a few months come and gone in 2013, it feels good to have accomplished some of my New Year’s resolutions.  Have you kept your New Year’s resolutions?  Or have they fallen by the wayside now that we are 14 weeks into the New Year?  I plan to continue working on my total money makeover until I have financial stability and I encourage you to do the same.  As Dave Ramsey says, “It is going to rain; you need an umbrella.”  Now I’ve got an umbrella.  Do you?

For even more information on Dave Ramsey, his books, and more, visit: www.daveramsey.com or www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com.

If you have a success story about your total money makeover, please share it in the comments section below!  We’d love to hear them!